MaTT Chris

Hip-Hop Artist

Self-proclaimed lyricist Matthew C. Meade, also known as Matt Chris, was born and raised in the heart of New Jersey with his family of four brothers and one sister.  Matt Chris’ musical influences draw from early memories of his family living in the suburbs which teetered outside the Vailsburg section of Newark, NJ.

June 22, 1992 was a day that changed his life forever.  Matt Chris was the last of his siblings to return home from school and to his dismay his mom was being interviewed by a news reporter.  The reporter ushered his family out of the living room and took pictures of them standing in front of their home, Matt Chris’ thoughts were lost in the shuffle.

When the reporter left, his mom explained that the family was about to lose the only home they had ever known.  She let them know that she did everything she possibly could have, but lawyers swindled her out of her savings and his father refused to pay child support.  At the end of June, the fate of the family’s residence was unknown.

The day following the reporter’s visit, an article detailing these circumstances appeared in the Star Ledger, the New Jersey newspaper.  As Matt Chris read the title “Down and Almost Out,” he was taken over with shame and fear that his fellow classmates would see his family in this state.  However, his mother explained that pride could no longer be a factor.  She promised him she would “beg, borrow, and steal” to keep the family in the quality school system he had thrived in to that point.  At that moment, Matt Chris quickly learned that he had to put his pride aside and doing what was best for the family became paramount.  Independence took a new meaning for him.  Early on he began to invest his time in what paid and his poetry passion.

Matt Chris grew up much faster than his peers and began taking responsibility at an early age.  While majority of his friends were getting ready to go to basketball camps, he was working at a soul food restaurant getting paid under the table to help his mom with bills.  January 1994 his father passed away from a fatal heart attack.  To deal with the abrupt changes he, penned his thoughts and emotions more and more through poetry.  Matt Chris was later to attend a prestigious university in Virginia, where he excelled academically.  However, prior to college graduation he experienced an overwhelming loss of a close friend.  This heartbreaking experience nurtured his skill of writing music, creating, composing, and communicating his experience through his organic talent 25 hours and eight days a week; Matt Chris won’t rest until the world hears his music.


Matt Chris “truly believes none of this would have been possible had he not experienced the adversity he went through growing up.”  In every line, his passion for music and raw talent bleed through the track for your pleasure.  He is currently completing his mixtape series Off The Charts.